Is feedback always useful?

In this issue: The Aadhaar ordinance, why excellence is not the opposite of failure, and why leaders need to be ‘AI bilingual’

The digital identity trend, Aadhaar leaks, and privacy by tech limitations

In this issue: Aadhaar news roundup, tenchnology and state power in China, humanity and machine learning, the unintended consequences when designing incentives

Voluntary Aadhaar, the Aadhaar amendment bill, and UPI 2

Aadhaar news roundup, complex algorithms and real-world problems, designing a decent working place, and the unpredictability of complex adaptive systems

A step forward for e-KYC and digital payments

Aadhaar review petitions, e-KYC and financial inclusion, DigiLocker, how philosophy helps navigate the world, organisational culture, and more

A glimmer of revival for eKYC, the future of eSign, and fuzzy numbers

The news on eKYC, eSign, Facebook's attempts to verify political advertisers, the state of research on Aadhaar, and more