The thinking Indian’s guide to Aadhaar

How should you think of Aadhaar? What are the issues at stake?

Bill Gates, Nandan Nilekani and the idea of societal platforms

EkStep Foundation is the technical partner of a new global philanthropic initiative Co-Impact. What exactly is it bringing to the table?

Aadhaar and we the people of India

Much is being said about Aadhaar being a vicious project and one that tramples on Indian citizens. But is that the complete truth? It is a story about India that is being reported abysmally

When a tech idea goes into a government office

Aadhaar was designed as an enabler, a utility. That is its strength, and its weakness

Universal basic income, automobiles, and digital identity

There are two schools of thought on how people can be lifted out of poverty. But, can policies be crafted for them when policy makers don’t know who they are?

Is it a yes or a no? The curious case of Section 57

Is there any scope for businesses to use Aadhaar authentication for ease of business and to provide innovative services? The Supreme Court ruling on the Aadhaar Act has left more questions than answers

Aadhaar and the three laws of tech for entrepreneurs

In listening to the Supreme Court pronounce its verdict on Aadhaar, some pointers emerge to the vagaries of entrepreneurship

A post-Aadhaar world

The best stories on the promise and the challenges of disruptive technologies, on enabling innovation, and leadership in a complex world

The Aadhaar news roundup

The impact of Section 57 ruling on fintech, virtual Aadhaar, heroes versus trends, identity as an enabler in Africa, why doctors hate computers, and more

Reverse gear for fintech, identity vs identification, design for innovation

A step back to paper-based KYC, why Aadhaar won’t identify the dead, a learning from Wikitribune for those who are building collaborative networks, and how a diverse team can help rule out bias in algorithms